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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with any products shipped by us, just contact Support via live chat or email.

Quality Assurance

We check every details of the phone before shipping it out, including both hardware and software. We do our best to ensure the used or refurbished phone is as good as a new one.

Free International Shipping

Our logistic partner works with Singapore Post directly. Therefore, we are able to cover free shipping up to 30 countries from Hong Kong.

Why does it Deserve a Second Chance ?


In 2016, 49 million tons of e-waste are produced. With the popularity of smart phones and gadgets, the growth of electronic pollution is tremendous. Purchasing used or refurbished phone can definitely reduce the pace of the growing trend.

Save Money

The Price of a Used or Refurbished Phone is usually 50% of the original one. With a good quality assurance, there are no differences between the second-hand and the original.

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